After understanding that the State of Israel is struggling to fend off organizations working from within to slander its name, the name of its citizens and its soldiers, we have decided to end our silence, to stand up and make a change. We began to investigate.

We took upon ourselves a long, difficult and sometimes dangerous journey with few resources, armed mainly with complete faith in the justice of our cause.

In recent years, we have been working from within these organizations to reveal the truth.


Dozens of organizations and NGO’s operate under the guise of ‘Human Rights Organizations’ in the field, the media, the legal systems, in the corridors of the Knesset and in collaboration with foreign governments. The investigations presented on our site were collected and analyzed following hours of covert activities, often endangering the lives of those working to collect the information, to reveal the true face of the anti-Israel organizations.

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If you were to take this material and transfer it to another entity, to another country, it is what we call in professional terms

'suspect of espionage activity'.


Avi Dichter, Former Head of the Shin Bet, regarding our investigation into the activity of ‘Breaking the Silence,’


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