Leading in-depth Investigations

In recent years Israeli society and the State of Israel have been under internal and international pressure, aimed at altering their nature and values. We understood that the leaders of the struggle are dozens of organizations and NGO’s operating under the disguise of 'Human Rights Organizations', in order to conceal their true goals. These groups are at work in the field, the media, the legal systems, in the corridors of the Knesset and in government ministries, in the international media and in cooperation with foreign governments. The investigations we conducted were compiled after hours of covert and often life threating efforts, aimed at revealing the true face of the anti-Israel organizations.

An in-depth investigation into the organization ‘Akevot - Archives of the Occupation', which aims to uncover classified archives from the State of Israel through devious methods. The investigation reveals the organization's activists and their ties with anti-Israel organizations, their hidden agenda and the foreign funding that fuels them.

An in-depth investigation into the organization ‘Anarchists Against the Wall’, which organized, led and financed riots against IDF soldiers in which dozens of Israeli soldiers and policemen were wounded. The investigation reveals among other things the extremist ideology which sits at the core of the group’s philosophy.

An in-depth investigations into the organization ‘Breaking the Silence’ that has caused a stir in Israel, partly because of the revelation that ‘Breaking the Silence’ extracts classified information from IDF soldiers, interrogates civil servants and soldiers on a regular basis, funds organizations that work against IDF soldiers and even implants soldiers into the IDF to receive future testimony’s.

An in-depth investigation into the organization ‘Ta'ayush’ (Coe-existence) and its leading activist Ezra Nawi. The investigation sparked a storm in the country when it revealed that the so called ‘Human Rights Organization’ is sending Arabs to be tortured and killed by the Palestinian Preventive Security Force, solely for committing the crime of – selling land to Jews.


An in-depth investigation into the ‘Combatants for Peace’ organization. The investigation reveals the radical agenda of the organization. It uncovers the blood libels they tell tourists, the hidden objects that motivate the activists and even has them on record saying: "They (the Jews) will not leave until there is a third intifada."